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Sunday, December 30, 2018

More Christmas

Since we spent Christmas day at my brother's house.  I had Christmas at my house the day after with Son, daughter in law and grands.
Mom always said that Christmas starts on the 25th, it doesn't end there.  
Actually with all of the excitement leading up and on that day, it was nice having a quiet day after.  
We had dinner and dessert, then package opening. My son did the majority of the picture taking so I have to get with him to get copies. 

We received this Santa picture with the girls.  I frame them and put them on  a table every Christmas.  No better decoration that a picture of Christmas past.  Wow, how fast they grow.  This one was taken at Adalyn's school.

Red, one of my favorite colors especially at Christmas. Such a pretty package. Miranda wrapped them.   I like the idea of pretty packages like this sitting on a table with a snowman or a santa on top as a decoration, at least get to look at it a while before tearing into it.

A book of Genevieve that we have been wanting,  we have one of Adalyn.  Love this energetic picture of her.  This is her always on the move.

Adalyn drew this picture of an owl for Opa.  Framed so nicely.  We both totally love this.  She did a fantastic job!  

Adalyn here and you can see my skinny tree in the living room this year.  I think I may add just two little ones with it on each side for next year.

Yes, I got a stick vacuum you can see on the floor near curtains.  I wanted one that was light weight and could keep upstairs.

Hallway, new paint job and only one picture hung at the moment. I do like this Sherwin Williams Repose Gray color. 
I added poinsettias to the peacock feathers end of hall.

One of these days I will find two small candles for each side of this creche I purchased in Germany 11 years ago.

One day I hope to polish up on how to take better pictures of lights on outside.

A few houses lit for Christmas in the town

There are three of these lit trees in the front yard.

Iron Horse restaurant at the tracks.

This one had even more on the right side of yard with music.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Few pictures of Christmas

Didn't get many pictures  on Christmas Day. Having a good time with  visiting  family and all of the little cousins and nieces and nephews.
I did get a few of decorations and of the great meal.
You can see outside, it was a pleasant day.  Garland and red ribbons on fencing.

Very pretty tree and the picture I took does not do it justice.  It is so pretty with the big red roses and poinsettias.

Nice manger scene in the tree.  Children notice right away and know the reason for this day.

I love the glow coming from this lighting over the table.

and under the lighting is some good food.

Ham, turkey, roast beef, pork medallions with orange marmalade and of course so many sides to choose from.

Den nutcracker

These penguins make me laugh when I see them.  They are crocheted.

Amy, my niece and her daughter Eisley who's my great niece - and  great she is.  Amy is a Professional Photographer of weddings and childrens Photography - Here

Yes there were plenty of cookies, cakes, and cupcakes etc....

Porch tree.  Nice place to sit and relax beside the tree  with the wood stove warming the room.  So cozy.
 Time to leave and my grandchildren are still in the yard playing.  It looks dark but there are plenty Christmas lights shining to see well.
Wished I had gotten more of the rest of the family but the kids that could get around, did, and no keeping them down.  Plus, I was holding my great niece for good while who is only five weeks old.  So sweet.

Monday, December 24, 2018

Downtown Richmond

James Center in Richmond was somewhat of a disappointment.  Only half of the deer were lit this year and the nutcrackers and other displays were not put out.  I was told that there is renovation going on and the displays may get messed up. 
I see work being done inside .  I hope next year they carry on the tradition all look forward to of decorating like in the past.

This is where the nutcrackers used to be.

Just inside the Omni

gingerbread house

Heading back.  The girls did run through the place as usual.  We didn't mind. They had fun.

my wreaths

Happy Christmas Eve
Now back to wrapping

Monday, December 17, 2018

Quiet Tree Time

Low lit and calming.  Only lights from the tree and small village. Picture is fuzzy as the lights are low.   I didn't feel like putting up the large tree this year.  Maybe next year.  This tree is in the living room.  The white one I posted earlier is in the den.

A few ornaments I like a lot are these set of three that I purchased from a vintage shop.

My daughter sent me these about 10 years ago.

Nest from a friend I used to work She  found in her tree in the country.  It was put it in a baggie and kept in freezer a few months to be safe.

A well dressed kitty catching butter flies from a friend

A sweet doggy ornament from Adalyn last year

this one from genevieve

Draperies are needed at this window.  After the painting was done; I decided to wait until after the first of the year to focus on those.

little snowmen in the window

At the end of the hallway. 

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