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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Bloemendaal House

Christmas decorations at the  Boemendaal home.   Many large silk peonies making up the garland on the mantles and some swags in other areas of the home.   Just inside to right of foyer is this room with a large fireplace with garland that reflects the flowers and colors of the painting above it. 

Another fireplace with greenery.  I didn't photograph the whole room as there were many people visiting this night.

Colors reflecting the blues and greens in the window swag

I see through the window a gentleman taking  pictures of the gardens.

View to outside porch with tree

Another room we entered had these sweet little bees  in the corner of the doorway

close up of fireplace arrangement in this room

I call this the ladies parlor - not sure of what it is called really.

Elegant window dressings and especially the ones in this room

The lighting was subdued, so the pictures did not turn out very clear for me.

the fireplace screen in this room has roses painted on glass

leaving now passing by the staircase

Pausing here on the porch

taking in the beauty of surrounding gardens

A brief history of the garden and home is found  - Here

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Christmas at Lewis Ginter

Steve and I went to members night at Lewis Ginter Gardens to see the creative lighting in the gardens. Every year is different and just as pretty as the last.

Here are a few pictures of the entrance

Paper Lanterns

Making our way past the fountain 

On our walk toward the home we come upon a  lion standing in the distance all dressed in lights

garden orbs change color

lake near children's area

The tree house in lights on the small lake

On the porch of the home is this tree done in all blue lights

Looking to front yard from the porch of home

Tomorrow I have pictures of inside the home to show of the decorations
Tonight we are taking the grand girls to see the gardens all lit.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

pretty home

Steve and I stopped by a craft sale at a lovely home in Henrico Va.. A Georgian style home built in 1952 on mountain road.  Mountain road as it is called because it was the main road taken to the mountains of Virginia.
George Washington's military headquarters in Newburg, New York is what this home is modeled after.
Simple green wreaths adorned with a velvet red fluffy  bows. I think that is what I will put on my wreaths at the windows this year.

I didn't stand back far enough to capture the whole house for a picture.  Ground was wet after some drizzling rain earlier, so I got several pictures up close.

We were thinking about switching out our door and sidelights, but now after seeing this,  I think I will keep them as they look like the one on this home.   They look pretty good now I see them on someone else's house.

Steve purchased this pretty bluebird painting for his office

Outside vendor selling barbecue, so good.

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