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Sunday, January 5, 2020

Rainy Saturday evening

More of my decorations.   Will be taking down on Monday.  I always wait till after the 12th day of Christmas.  The candle on the wreath is lit, just not showing well with the light. 


Earlier before the rain

Little of the rain coming down

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Omni Hotel Richmond Va.

On December 30th, we finally got downtown to the James Center in Richmond.   Girls always love to see the lights of downtown.
Not as many this year as there is renovation going on inside and outside.  Hope that tenants move in the empty spaces next year and have the he grand illumination.  The inside of the Omni was not as decorated either.

Nice evening and still somewhat warm for this time of year.

This briefcase and hat reminds me of my Grandfather's. He used to have one just like it and he always wore a hat.  A dapper gentleman he was and I still  remember  him always in that way.
I think the girls thought at first the device was a cell phone, not this time period, it is a calculator.

Always enjoy seeing how the fireplace in the Omni will be decorated.  Nice marble with carved musical instruments.

Adalyn on the right says she wants to learn to play the violin.  Genevieve wants the harp.
Tree in the lobby of the Omni

This beautiful Chandelier is hanging from the ceiling near the tree.

Ginger bread house has seen it's better days.

No matter if there are decorations or not.  The children along with Opa have to take the  glass elevator to the Mezzanine and walk around.   I understand the elevators will be updated also.  I hope they keep the glass in them.

A clip of the evening

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was busy finishing up last minute wrapping and planning dinner.  We took the girls to see the Jefferson Hotel Christmas Eve and it was the first visit for them.
Here , Opa is showing them how to read the signs to cross the road.

The fountain decorated
Children talking about the alligator in the fountain.  Alligators did live at the Jefferson.  Old Pompey was the last to die at the Jefferson in 1948


You can barely see the girls in front of this huge Christmas tree

Ornaments are huge dripping from the tree

Looking to the entrance at the Grande staircase.

Kissing balls over the doorway where we came in.

Picture on display of Elvis in coffee shop where gators were located.

Adalyn had to touch the Piano Elvis played and have her picture taken in front of it.

Hard to read but it looks like the note says the silver ware are representative of the patterns used from 1915 until the late 40's?.  Not sure, can't make out the note under the service.

I am using  a setting on the camera that was obviously not a good one because of the blurry photo.

There was a large ginger bread igloo with Santa

snack time at the cafĂ© with hot chocolate and fruit for Genevieve and nabs.  We stopped for lunch on the way home.

This picture of the Nativity does not do it justice.  It is larger than what it looks and so beautiful.
Giving pause to think and talk a little bit about what Christmas is all about.  

girls checking out the upstairs

A walk around the hotel to our car and taking in the beautiful carved architecture

Back home to get ready for tomorrow's dinner

Friday, December 20, 2019

Happy Friday

Few more tree and outside pictures.     I have this little old fashioned girl wood cutout in a cape standing next to my tree in living room.  

I found this at a vintage shop.  The back has it made in Italy.

Cold night last night.  The girls wanted dinner in the playhouse and I let them.  Opa got the heater going and it was warm.  They put some big pillows and blankets in the loft.

Short clip of playhouse

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