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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day after Thanksgiving

Few pics of Black Creek Country store, near us. They sell great lunches and have some great deserts.
The Christmas decorating is so beautiful.  We bought some christmas gifts here.   Very nice merchandise.

Here is a pix of the fence leading to the entrance.

I am going to do my fence on the side of my house like this. I just thought it was so pretty and smelled so good with the fresh greens.  The gentleman who with his wife runs the store decorated the fence, I think he did a nice job.  I told him I wanted to do the same thing on my fence. 

 I will post my pictures when I finish with the greenery.

A pretty tree in one of the rooms

Friday, November 20, 2009

getting started

I decided to get the tree down from the attic today and this is how far I have gotten,  what is wrong with me this year?  I am slow at getting anything done,  I ran out of lights,  3 strands were not lighting just right , so I threw them away,  I can't take a chance with a fire possibly from those things,   Anyway I hope to have it finished soon and will show some pictures of it.    I think next year I will wait a little closer to Christmas and get  a live tree,  haven't had one in ages.    

O.K.  I will get there.
I will show ya pictures of the mostly finished product tomorrow.

Here is that other little tree I fluffed from the Goodwill store.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Glitter Houses finally finished

I will not be making anymore of these this year,  the time is flying by.  I heard from my daughter Annette and she and her husband John and lil boy Seth will spend Christmas with us this year , Yay.   I am so happy about that.  

The church needs some people that I will glue near the entrance

when I do display them,  I will have lights behind them and some snow for the mantle.

this one I am still working on

I traced pattern on heavy paper, stuffed it and  hot glued, sprayed white and used crystal  glitter.  I think I will top the tree downstairs with it.  I guess I could insert a dowel and place in a wood base and decorate.

Picture of my tree last year,  I did eventually hide the metal base on the star top.
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