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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Downtown Richmond lights

Few pictures of downtown Richmond, Va. and the lights at the James Center.  We had a bite to eat at the Third Street Diner and then to see the lights.

We have to visit here every Christmas.  It's gotten to be a tradition with us.  Joyful.

waiting for the model train

Pretty display in a shop window inside the James Center

A large ornament made of Yo-Yo's

Make a wish

While upstairs on our way to the Mezzanine,  Adalyn and Genevieve decided to rest.

The very large wreath hanging in the Mezzanine this year is different from the last several.  Good to see it changed up a bit.

On our way home, a gentleman was selling light wands and of course the girls went through every one before they made decision on which one they liked.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

outside lights

Not as many lights outside this year but enough.  Will take them down January the first I guess if the weather isn't to unbearable. It is freezing cold now.

It's still rather light but it's hard for me to get a good shot in the dark with just the lights.

Little windy and the ribbon is falling.  So glad it waited to fall apart until after Christmas

The Santa was purchased for Grandson Seth when he was 3, now he's 17.  Hard to find Santa and Snowman anymore.

Lights on the fence
til next time

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Christmas day

A busy Christmas day and totally enjoyed it.  Plenty to stuff ourselves with and lots of torn paper with spent bows strewn here and there  Just like I like it, festive I say.
Karl and Wanda brought Mama and she enjoyed her meal and her gifts.  So glad she was able to make it as she is 96 and to get around like she does, even though it is harder now more than ever - she did it.

Here she is with my brother Karl
See that birdie by her.  She loves it.  I saw it in Cracker Barrel and I wanted it.  He copies what people say like a Parrot.  Kids love it too.

Christmas morning with Annette and Seth who came down and spent a few nights before Christmas.

Grandson Seth


Once the young ones get here, the decorations are just too in the way for them

Mama to be and husband Jeremy due near the end of January, don't think it will be that long.

had table in the living room too

layered dip - so good

  That is all for today but more later

Friday, December 22, 2017

Christmas almost here

We are trying to get some last minute shopping done.  Cooking too.  Today Genevieve and Adalyn are helping me make a German's chocolate cake. Right now the cooks are very busy.  They are helpful and follow instructions.  Genevieve remembered to wear an apron and Adalyn too.
They both enjoy it so much, licking spoons that is.

Adalyn made sure the chocolate was right and Genevieve put the flour in the mixer when needed.  She knows how to use it. 

Taking a look outside with the Santa decals.  Kids love'm

Getting porch set up in case some one wants to sit out there to eat.

A sweet little Christmas card that friends sent.

Manger scene lights up and has a nice glow in the evening.

That's it for right now.   More later
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