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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Sweet Girls

Adalyn and Genevieve - Christmas 2018

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Hotel Jefferson

Almost forgot the Hotel Jefferson in Richmond, Va. and  pictures inside of hotel.
We go every year.  One year I will try to make it before Christmas.

Legend has it that gators lived here at the hotel.
Guests who came to the hotel from Florida with their pet alligators realizing they would grow too large for their bathtubs
would leave them at the hotel.   
Old Pompey as he was called was the last of the gators to die in 1948.

A good picture taking spot on the way in at the entrance

Inside the entrance area
I love red and like how a lot of red is in the decor 
my favorite color for Christmas.
I would have loved to see the White House decor last year with all of the red.  Beautiful!

Ahh, the grand staircase.  It says no taking pictures at the bottom or top,of staircase,  but many still do.  
Like me.

The Christmas tree at the bottom of the staircase.

base of the Christmas tree looking up and the ornaments are just dripping from the boughs.

Wreaths on doors about the hotel

All so different

Just about every where one looks, there is a small tree or another type of arrangement is just so beautiful.

At the entrance and elevator

The elevator and carved doorway surround leading to the inside

I must remember to do this with the large finials I have for some arrangements in a couple of ginger jars.


Ginger bread house

Time for cocoa

Hope to be back at the end of this year but before Christmas

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

8th day of Christmas post

My Son and his family home at Christmas Time.   We were there to see the grands gifts and had a great brooklyn style pizza along with watching a movie with the girls.
Their tree

children made these crosses at church

Adalyn got an American girl doll that was in her likeness.  The hair was made exactly like Adalyn's down to exact color.

Genevieves doll

Baby alive.    I love the way it makes faces when it cries and laughs.

She still loves beau and bella she got last year too.

The twins, beau and bella.

Aw yes, the drum set

Their dad knows how to play them and they want to also

in action

we had a wonderful evening here visiting
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