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Thursday, December 8, 2016

den tree

The grand children had a hand in the tree decorating.   They do it best.

See the large, or very large candy cane?   Genevieve insists they go on the tree, no matter how many times I take them off, so this is where they stay.
I saw something like these collages hanging in the Museum Fine Arts in Richmond a few years back.  I made some for myself ,  this styrofoam board and push pins , cut outs and jewels and most anything you want to put on there.

This is a christmas card collage I made from a card sent from my Brothers family.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Front door

Finished the front door.  So glad to be able to do so today.   I put over the sidelights ornaments.   This from inside.

I like bright vivid colors

downstairs windows

I put wreaths on upstairs.
Now off to finish the porch
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Saturday, August 27, 2016

pretty in pink

My little pink tree made of tulle.  Read that these little trees were popular in the '50's.    I have always wanted to make one .
I cut a dowel in half which made it 18 inches.  A disc I cut from a piece of wood I had in the shed.  I drilled a hole in the disc and glued the dowel in the opening.
Didn't have any pink paint on hand so I glued wrapping paper to the disc.
The pattern called for 10 discs cut from tulle in varying sizes.  I decided it needed more so I cut some in different sizes in 1/2 inch more that the disc next to it.   The tulle folded in half witha running stitch a quarter of the way down from fold.  
I made sure I separated the tulle from the other so it was fluffy.

Tulle in different sizes

getting there with a few more to go

Leaving the top for an angel or star - hope I can find a vintage angel

Will place little small christmas balls on it too.  Not gonna glue them but will just put little wire hanger on them .

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Friday, February 12, 2016

Decorations around a Richmond neighborhood

Found these pictures of Christmas decor on homes in a neighborhood.   These were taken after Christmas.   

I think this door is so pretty

Such pretty stately homes

I like the soldiers standing guard at the front door and many more above it.

I am across the street taking this but you can get what I mean

on the way home

and home

Friday, January 8, 2016

After Christmas visit

I took Adalyn and Genevieve to visit Aunt Wanda and see Natalie who is two years old and are third cousins.
The house was still decorated , I got a few shots.
Living room tree


Pretty lit nativity on canvas

canvas with lights

I really love these singing penguins someone made - I just think they are so cute, especially the accordion player

I wish my picture was not so blurry of Natalie, beautiful red hair and blue eyes

den tree

Like the scene painting back drop by my nephew

Great Aunt Wanda with Adalyn Genevieve and Natalie
Popcorn with nuts, m&m's, and white chocolate