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Thursday, October 24, 2013


I have been working on some Christmas ornaments to give at Christmas and finished one.
I added glitter some on the beard and star
my beads need to be a little straighter on my next one
I put felt on the back with a ribbon sandwiched between the felt and plate
It s very light and will hang on the tree
for this one I just guessed at how to  lay it out and getting it straight wasn't to bad

getting to the finish line
I will cover the disc .  The back I will put a hanger and finish off
This one is finished on both sides
the next one I do,  I will fold one side from right and the back portion I will fold the papers from left to get them to match up better.   I don't think they matched well.  I lined around the ruffle with glitter glue
not sure what I will put on the banner on top of the button
Well back to work
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