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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hotel Jefferson

Steve and I went to the Jefferson Hotel on Sunday to see the Christmas decorations Jan. 4th  before they came down for the year the day after. 

Old Pompey lived here at the Jefferson until his death in 1948
Tourist from Florida,  brought alligators here when they became to large to take care of.
Lobby and Jefferson in the distance
decorated mirror with ribbon and ornaments on one side and the other with poinsettias

Large stained glass with the Letters H J 

I didn't get a great picture of the tree as a buffet Sunday Lunch was being served. 
I didn't feel comfortable snapping shots while they were eating.
I took these from top of the steps and then zoomed in 
Total elegance

looks like one got out
In the lobby area you can see that tea is set up and ready for guests who choose to have it

lobby area with display 

So happy to see the reason for the season "nativity" here in the lobby
One of many sitting or lounging areas
I like how the arrangement is up lit to show the beautiful contrast and colors of the arrangement

the gift shop and coffee shop where had a croissant and a great coffee
ceiling above the coffee and gift shop area

another lounge area near entrance to rotunda and ballroom

I like the way it blurred,  sort of like watercolor

Thursday, January 1, 2015

window shopping

Some pictures of Fredericksburg Va. in the historical old towne.  I like visiting here at Christmas, festively dressed windows to see and  good places to eat.
 There was a beautiful Nativity painted on one of the store windows ,  a reminder of  the real reason for the season.

pretty woodland Santa

I totally want that sign

Mom used to always hang some kind of bell ornament at Christmas, the one above the door here reminded me of that.

I noticed the swags on the windows pointed up instead of straight across or dipping down.  I like the look of these.

All of the street lamps had a bow

All of the windows are dressed and I especially like this one with the dog under the chair

On the way back to our car we noticed the church steeple behind one of the shops.  I gave pause,  setting sunlight bouncing off  a few clouds behind it,  peaceful.

Wishing everyone a Safe and Happy New Year
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