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Monday, December 17, 2018

Quiet Tree Time

Low lit and calming.  Only lights from the tree and small village. Picture is fuzzy as the lights are low.   I didn't feel like putting up the large tree this year.  Maybe next year.  This tree is in the living room.  The white one I posted earlier is in the den.

A few ornaments I like a lot are these set of three that I purchased from a vintage shop.

My daughter sent me these about 10 years ago.

Nest from a friend I used to work She  found in her tree in the country.  It was put it in a baggie and kept in freezer a few months to be safe.

A well dressed kitty catching butter flies from a friend

A sweet doggy ornament from Adalyn last year

this one from genevieve

Draperies are needed at this window.  After the painting was done; I decided to wait until after the first of the year to focus on those.

little snowmen in the window

At the end of the hallway. 


  1. Your house lovely and so festive. I love to see the ornaments! The antigue ones are precious! You seem to be ready for Christmas! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas time!! Lots of laughter, good health and joy!

  2. Love the nest! it is so beautiful! I think that is humming bird's nest.

  3. Beautiful decor... Merry Christmas!

  4. Mom those are beautiful pictures. I love that skinny tree. It goes so good in the house. The decorations s are beautiful wish I could have been there but I have to work


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