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Saturday, December 28, 2013

home decor

Some pictures of my brother and sister in laws home.  

Wanda  decked it out very nicely.   She said she didn't decorate as much this year - wait til it comes time to put away and she will know she decked it to the hilt this year.

living room tree and a mighty pretty one at that
love "gourd man"  - given as a gift from a friend

I like the flocking on this tree,  it's not over done and much prettier than some I have seen

just like spring weather today
grand girl and boy

a village scene with painted snow background by their son (my nephew) Karl

He does a great job and is self taught
so pretty

a mirror reflection

I just like the blurry look of this one

dining room chandy

sunny porch and tree

den is decked out too

Love the children's tea set ready for some tea and cookies

I must say " yes it is"!

Friday, December 27, 2013

day after christmas reflections

sitting up late with no lights,  we always lose lights it seems at odd times.  Doesn't have to be snow, wind or rain, it just happens. here are some shots of the night after Christmas.
earlier in the evening

a christmas card mom sent
battery candle power

german nutcracker

an ornament from seth in 2001 and a vintage ornament on right

I have this on a revolving ornament hanger.  I purchased this in Germany , painted in Poland

a pillow steve purchased,  he agrees with the sentiments

bathroom wreath
my bathroom has the soap and ceramic toothbrush holder ,  I usually just put an ornament or flowers arranged in little vases on them,  here is a little candle holder christmas house
a candle in the corner

Monday, December 23, 2013

almost christmas

I like the way Steve put the rope lights in the dogwood tree in front this year.
lights along our fence
Didn't do as much outside decorating this year.   This year is different for some reason,  just couldn't get with it as much, maybe to much news on t.v. put a damper on things.    It shouldn't,  Christ was still born on Christmas Day and his birth is certainly one to celebrate and I am.   Just didn't feel like    putting as much up or   putting as much away afterwards.

A Christmas card sent to me a few years back that I decorated , glued on Styrofoam and added embellishments.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Cookies with Adalyn

Saturday morning I brought Adalyn over to help make sugar cookies.    she had fun making and mostly eating all of the frosting.   She ate some of the cookie dough too.  You can cut the music down for the blog if ya want.   I was scared she was gonna get sick,  but no she didn't.

she is pinching off some cookie dough
oops ,  I messed it up and gotta eat the part I messed up.

she dumped red sugar first,  then frosted

she's so darned cute,  her mom had a fit because she cut her bangs short,  I think she is so sweet with them short - sort of spunky looking - and she is!

she is so serious about it now.
Her mom let her borrow her necklace to wear,  it's caked with frosting now.

I supervised her while I let her use a very dull condiment spreader,  so no sharpness ,  just a sugary mess.


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

living room tree

I put the tree in front of the picture window this year and like it much better there.    This tree has to have every limb placed individually .   I didn't put all of the limbs in the tree,  I left spaces, gaps and some rows have less than others.  I believe it looks more real this way. 

I hung by push pins - glass stars to the ceiling
the red and green striped glass ball is from the 60's
adobe church
the chandy is on a revolving ornament hanger
another church in my collection
til next time

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