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Sunday, November 30, 2014

tree going up

Weather is good so I am trying to get the outside done as much as possible today .
Also getting the tree up is becoming a challange.   Next year for sure,  NO more placing plastic bins of Christmas decor in attic,  getting way to hard to crawl around up there.

So Far ---

I am leaving quite a few limbs out of ths tree for a different feel or look.    It's an old tree about 20 yrs. that I got from my sister.    Yes,  I still build it.    I guess I need to get a pop up tree soon.

Lights on as I go up  ------- i't slike a real tree with the way the needles drop

Here is where I'm at - back to work to finishing the placing of ornaments

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Paper Trees

I have one  more to finish  that will be slightly taller than these two.  
Circles cut out of music book paper,   not concerned about the precise size of each one.    It would have gone a little faster  if I had  scissors with a serrated edge,  but instead used regular scissors to make jagged cuts.
I used foam board for base in disc shape,  I punched a little hole where I put the wooden skewer to dab on some hot glue and then placed the skewer in position.   Started layering the shapes with a piece of foam board in between to keep a little space between.

As you can see,  more hot glue threads need to be pulled off.   

this one is sprayed and coated with crystal glitter.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Deep Creek Vintage

Deep Creek Vintage -  late 1790 manor house filled with antiques and handmade gifts for Christmas.
Located in Fredericksburg Va.

Like the sentiment on the sign .  We opened our wallets too

I see the natural greenery and think that is what I will do more of this year.

top of the stairwell

This sitting room is at the top of the stairs

wooden santa

I purchased a tinsel tree and a bull frog,  yes that's right -Steve likes bull frogs.  Can't locate my camera like a lot of other things around here to take a pic of it.
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