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Monday, December 9, 2013

ginter pix

Our visit to Lewis Ginter Gardens for member night to look at the gorgeous light display on the grounds and a tour of the house
Below is a tree in the gift shop
large pretty nest in the branches
 wreath for sale
garland with packages ,  butterflies, flowers etc
The reason for this wonderful season is a very fine nativity for sale
large mushrooms on this tree
Entrance to the library
Beautiful tree in the library, adorned with dried flowers and twigs
this is a close up of the tree in the sitting area of the library where there is a fireplace
I rather like the heart shape with twine
dried on what looked to be foam board
 below on display are arrangements with decorations like this fairy garden
Christmas angel
love this little lit Christmas tree in this one
close up of one of the dried rose decoration that in displayed on the tree
as we ventured to the ginter home we passed beautiful lighting all through the gardens 

dried hydrangeas and old post cards on the mantle in the parlor

dining room mantle

close up of mantle drape

rabbit topiary in parlor and the wrapped packages are adorned with birds and dried flowers
must say I like the window covering in parlor
The dining room window looks out to the light show outside on the lawn
beautiful peacock in lights
I like the large acorn ornaments in this room
all natural dried flowers  on the wreath
Large tree
close up of the tree pictured below

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What an amazing and beautiful post!!

Thanks so much for your recent visit!!