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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Cookies with Adalyn

Saturday morning I brought Adalyn over to help make sugar cookies.    she had fun making and mostly eating all of the frosting.   She ate some of the cookie dough too.  You can cut the music down for the blog if ya want.   I was scared she was gonna get sick,  but no she didn't.

she is pinching off some cookie dough
oops ,  I messed it up and gotta eat the part I messed up.

she dumped red sugar first,  then frosted

she's so darned cute,  her mom had a fit because she cut her bangs short,  I think she is so sweet with them short - sort of spunky looking - and she is!

she is so serious about it now.
Her mom let her borrow her necklace to wear,  it's caked with frosting now.

I supervised her while I let her use a very dull condiment spreader,  so no sharpness ,  just a sugary mess.


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