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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas decorations

Here are some pictures taken of my house decorations,  a few in living room and hallway.
Will try to post more later .

Inside front door is Santa in a wreath

part of the garland on rail going up
top of the stairs landing where I usually have hanging faux roses , is now silver and green foliage

I haven't turned lights on the tree for this picture and you can really see the tinsel.   Love tinsel, mom always put it on our trees growing up,  she used  to throw it at the tree.
Looking to the end wall of living room.

This wreath is recycled garland that's about 10 years old wrapped around a coat hanger with added birds and pine cones from my yard.   I have been a little heavy handed with the spray snow this year.

I am sharing with "Share Your Cup Thursday"

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