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Friday, December 8, 2017


Yay, got some snow.  I love it. Had to take a ride in it.   Wasn't much fun on the way home as the back roads crunched with the tires running over it. 
Heading out to shop

lamp post near driveway

coming home and still coming down

Opa and Genevieve at the Y in town.  This was last night.  Good place to be in the snow and Steve will be there tonight like every night
tree at the YMCA
Ginger bread train at the Y

clip of Genevieve in the pool 
Have a great evening

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Living Room Tree and other pictures

Finished the living room tree except for placing the star.   Taking so long it seems. 
I purchased this tree with out the lights as I prefer to put them on myself. I keep finding ornaments to place but I think I will stop now.

This ribbon was purchased when I visited my daughter in Ballard West Virginia at a little antique and novelties store.   It is a huge roll for $2.50.  I can't imagine what it would cost if I had to purchase at a regular shop here.

My little choral ladies that I cut from wood ages ago and painted.

a sweet kitty cat chasing a butterfly my friend gave me a few years ago.

Grand children we wished could spend a Christmas here with who live in Hawaii sent us this ornament last year

my sister Donna made the ornament with cranberries about 10 years ago
stars hanging in my kitchen window

Downstairs again the tree with the little girl in a cape I purchased half price at Hobby Lobby
this little ornament Adalyn made

Genevieve made and painted this tree

Adalyn made this ornament last year

 A paper rose from Seth when he was about 3 or 4.  He is 17 now.
Mom gave me this Princess Diana oranment years ago.

I have several Christmas cards I like to hang on the tree like this one from a few years ago

that's it for now

Monday, December 4, 2017

moving right along

So far the tree in the den is finished and now on to the mantle.
I am getting much slower every year with this.  Next year, I will definitely start taking things from the attic in October.

My paper stars I made a few years back and  missing one.

My Waterford crystal birds daughter Annette sent to me from either Arizona or Germany one year for Christmas.  Terrible but she will have to refresh my memory.

Most ornaments are from places we visited.

Needs some tweaking as the swag is made from two limbs from artificial Christmas tree.  The bottom will have more greenery.  I am putting this on the lamp post.

Finishing up writing of Christmas cards and then on to the post office to wait in line along with a few packages to send off .

Looking out to a beautiful day - all is good.

Later - Betsy

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Lewis Ginter Conservatory tree and library tree

A few pictures of the trees in the conservatory and library to share and then off to finish my decorating.  Taking longer and longer it seems these days.  I need more rests in between trekking up and down my stairs.

A tall one and loaded with flowers in the Conservatory of Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens.

Genevieve and Adalyn.  Adalyn has reading glasses now and loves them.

Both girls are making a wish in the fountain.  I heard Genevieve wish for a Bella doll.

Adalyn whispering her wish.

One wish wasn't enough for Genevieve.  Opa was handing out coins for their wishes.

A train set up in another part of the Conservatory among flowers.  Finding the Fairies among them was fun to spot.
Both girls found one

here is another one sleeping in the flowers
one on a lily pad

Into the library with Old Man Winter welcoming us in

The theme for this tree is  "Miss Rumphius". 

A second tree is decorated with lovely dried flowers also.

grapevine is the garland running through the limbs

On display is some interesting art work like this "sticks and stones" by a Richmond based artist.

Gourd work

A fine piece of fiber art

This looks to be painted and quilted dimensional art.  I did not get the info. on this one.

  Pretty garland hanging on one wall

bye for now - betsy