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Friday, November 18, 2011

paper angel

Finished a few things I am working on.  I enlarged some pictures of angels and put them on card stock.  The large angel is glued on foam board.  I cut out two of them to give them more depth.  I will finish up by going around the edges with a paintbrush of a color close to the angel to tone down the foam board showing on the sides.    I also made tags for my gifts and glittered the three of them also.
I enlarged this pix

made two copies and glued to foam board

glittered her up here
I also glued cotton balls to base that I made with a slit in it to put the angel in to stand up, then sprayed glue and added glitter

one of the three little angels here I copied and glittered for gift tags.

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Early shopping

My friend and I went shopping at Lewis Ginter Gardens gift shop.  Beautifully decorated.   Shoppers are greeted with a  glass of champagne or Sparkling apple cider.  Live music in the background. 
I am posting a few pictures of the evening.    You can still enlarge the photos by clicking on them.

view to the gardens outside.  I am really liking the soft blue lights

display inside of garden shop - among many, very nicely decorated
There were large lanterns on very tall silver tree  

bright greens, copper, red and gold decorate this  tree

silver glittery pine

table top tree
I purchased two items,  I will go back again when I am more in the mood for shopping
The soap is made in France,  the scent is strong
A pretty handmade bracelet in nice packaging

"Through The Garden Gate"
Vintage decorations and handmade items

homemade paper cones, little bags and many more
Very much like the trunk filled with Christmas decor.  
Steve bought me this handmade reindeer candle holder today - the bag and wrapping is special also in this shop.
I am in the mood for decorating now,   gonna have to get the trees out of storage.
Till next time - betsy