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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year Christmas pix

Some pictures taken at the James Center here in Richmond Va.

taking a picture of a reflection in the column. 

water displays

always love seeing this one,  old fashioned Christmas display

Tobacco Company -  picture taken from up stairs

a shop with Christmas decor at James center

Third Street Diner is where we had a late evening dinner,  very good.  The place used to be a Civil war hospital and then later a funeral home.    Like the idea of the diner better.

Steve's before dinner salad - wow - lots of salad and very fresh
of course onions rings for starters too
very tasty chopped steak and mashed potatoes,  we will be back
My dinner was a Caesar salad that was loaded with tasty chicken
inside at our table

A family picture of Derek ,  Miranda and the grands - Adalyn and Genevieve


Thora Nutting said...

No snow? Just learned how to use a roof rake to remove the 1 foot plus of snow off the roof. Love the pictures of the babies.

Thora Nutting said...

Great pictures, glad you all had a good Christmas!