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Monday, November 29, 2010

Lunch in the country and shopping

My husband and I spent a pleasant afternoon at this nice reastaurant and shop in our county.
  Great barbeque and roasted red pepper soup,The soup or bisque as I call it was very tasty,  next time I will get the bowl of it and not just a cup.
Great desserts also.
love the goodies that are sold in the shop.  The decorations for Christmas were done so nicely and got me in the spirit,  I came home and decorated more. -   click to enlarge some pictures here-

this was so adorable

Notice the doiley on the door,  it's made of metal.
I have a picture where there is doileys on the outside of the door and window.  I will have to show you sometime.

Welcoming entrance - Black Creek Country store.

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