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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

christrmas tree decorations

We upgraded our computer and I am finally getting  used to the new way of doing things for the most part.
 Christmas was happy, mom was here for dinner and Annette and her family along with Derek and his family.    I did go to moms to stay with her on Christmas  night as she cannot stay by herself.   Finally getting some things cleaned up today. 
I made this wreath and it's hanging above the bed in guest room downstairs
my kitchen window
living room window

Beautiful china teacup that is made in England.   Miranda and Adalyn brought it to me a week ago , sweet Adalyn picked it out.  I love teacups.
I found a good place for the soldiers guarding the steps,  I used the little sticky dots to hold them there.
A little paper house I made for the tree
I used the top of a discarded faux tree to  hang on wall.  Limbs are push against the wall with a little basket on the trunk  

An ornament my husband received
Well now that Christmas is over and I have gotten a little more used to the compter; I will be posting more pictures of the Christmas season.


GinaBVictorian said...

Hi Betsy! Your Christmas tree is gorgeous, I like that teacup and saucer. That's sweet that little Adalyn picked it out for you. Hope your Christmas was merry! Gina

Thing said...

Wow, beautiful! =)