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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas morning pictures and a few that's not

I decided in between coughing and feeling achy because of a cold I have now, to post a few more  of my Christmas morning.     I have managed to finish a few of my cards to send out.
First year in about I guess 6 that Annette and her family have come home.  So nice having them with Derek , Miranda and that little sweetie Addy.   We hope grand
 children in Hawaii will be here next Christmas and hopefully long before.  I got this sweet little picture of them along with this happy carved Santa.
Ryan - Tyler - and new baby Alaina.  You can see they are in warm climate
I may put him in a wreath next year or keep him the way he is and hang on wall

glass nativity at my entrance

Annette ready for picture taking

Annette taking picture of John and Seth - John is playing with one of Seth's gifts, as his are more fun.

I meant to post this in the previous post,  reflections in brass columns in Richmond at James center of Seth and me

we got this book from Addy of her first year - so neat

such a sweetie
Seth under tree Christmas morning
steve playing with a gadget of some sort
Seth is such a sweet boy,  he was so happy Christmas morning.  12 years old already

view of tree from dining room
I bought this book of stained glass panels on vellum or something like it.  I put them in the windows every year.
helpers cleaning up
garland in doorway
fun and easy making the snowflakes
A large snowflake going to the den

Addy all decked out
Uncle John finished putting together the dinosaur - she loves it
Mom in background on right - I will post a close up of her when I go through my pictures,  so happy she was there.
Here is mom and Addy,  I hope that everyone that took pictures for me will send me a copy,  I didn't get a chance to take to many
in P.J.s - she knows what's coming before to long
I got several handmade gifts and this one is from Donna,  she made it and I hung it on the wall where it will hang every Christmas
time for this
really helps

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GinaBVictorian said...

Hi Betsy! It looks like you had a nice Christmas with your family! What a cute book on Addy, I know you will treasure that! I really like that glass nativity in that cloche. And that silver and white doorway garland with those wonderful snowflakes! I just love those kind! Have a blessed 2013! Gina