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Monday, November 29, 2010

Lunch in the country and shopping

My husband and I spent a pleasant afternoon at this nice reastaurant and shop in our county.
  Great barbeque and roasted red pepper soup,The soup or bisque as I call it was very tasty,  next time I will get the bowl of it and not just a cup.
Great desserts also.
love the goodies that are sold in the shop.  The decorations for Christmas were done so nicely and got me in the spirit,  I came home and decorated more. -   click to enlarge some pictures here-

this was so adorable

Notice the doiley on the door,  it's made of metal.
I have a picture where there is doileys on the outside of the door and window.  I will have to show you sometime.

Welcoming entrance - Black Creek Country store.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Craft day

I had several members of my family over Friday to make crafts and eat spaghetti.  Mom was here and we had a good time.  I took a few pictures of what we made to show you.
Actually we took more time eating,  as it's something we really have fun doing. 

my snowman picture I made from a card Wanda sent me last year.
I added letters , snowflakes and sparkles, with beads and garland

another Christmas card I rec'd.  I added a bow to her hair and garland and ribbon with sparkles

 An angel I made for my tree
 Wanda made this coffee filter angel
I made this felt snowman and sprinkled him with mica flakes,  he most definitely needs a nose

I made some cones also

 I have started to put up my tree - takes a while

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A few ornaments

Here are a few ornaments that I purchased from a local craft sale at a persons house not far from here.
$1.25 each.  
 Handmade and painted nicely,  I will add the name to it.

this is my holly tree in the side yard,  all decked out.  The birds will get the berries when they are really deep red and pretty.