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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fredericksburg Va

Steve and I took a ride to historic town of  Fredericksburg Va.,  to shop and look at all of the pretty store decorations.  Reminds me kind of when I was young traveling to Richmond to visit Santa at  Miller and Rhodes department store. I could stand in the cold in a dress ( we always wore dresses at that time, had to dress up  to see Santa and do some  shopping) to gaze at the beautiful store front displays of every thing Christmas. 

 Being the first day of the New Year,  most of the shops were closed.  Didn't matter to me, I am just glad to feel well enough to get out while I am getting over this cold bug.   Tired of being  in bed and feeling very tired. 
Steve and I walked the street and saw a horse drawn carriage telling  the history of the town to his occupants.   I would love to take a carriage ride at Christmas , especially in snow.
Passing by the old Apothecary shop I noticed the wreaths and especially the window sill swags with the dried hydrangea blossoms
the greenery on the stair rails  are simple and pretty.    I could do the same thing to my house and it wouldn't look as good, I tried the dried hydrangeas one time and they just didn't show up.  Next time I will spray some gold glitter on them to make'em shimmer.
Lot's of reflection , but the wreath can be seen with the angel over the Nativity.   The reason for the season is reflected through the town, love it.

 bakery shop window.

gotta have a blue Christmas Elvis scene
More dried hydrangeas and magnolia leaves,  they show very nicely I think
I like the window dressing here
their door swag had same materials

I like this scene with Santa next to a clock and toys around him
The framing of the windows with greenery is something I may try also next year
The gate was locked but you can see the lights on the ground on one side with St. Francis
You can see the old stone that makes up the building
Gives me an idea for my narrow side yard next year.
Well that's all for now
I have one or two more posts and then that will be it for my Christmas pix for 2012.

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GinaBVictorian said...

Hi Betsy! Oh what a darling little town, picture perfect! So neat that you have such sweet childhood memories of the place. Glad you got out to enjoy it. I would have been very disappointed that the antique store was closed! Loved the Elvis window display and the bakery one. Thanks for sharing! Gina