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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Glitter Houses finally finished

I will not be making anymore of these this year,  the time is flying by.  I heard from my daughter Annette and she and her husband John and lil boy Seth will spend Christmas with us this year , Yay.   I am so happy about that.  

The church needs some people that I will glue near the entrance

when I do display them,  I will have lights behind them and some snow for the mantle.

this one I am still working on

I traced pattern on heavy paper, stuffed it and  hot glued, sprayed white and used crystal  glitter.  I think I will top the tree downstairs with it.  I guess I could insert a dowel and place in a wood base and decorate.

Picture of my tree last year,  I did eventually hide the metal base on the star top.

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The Stylish House said...

I'm so impressed you made this out of cardstock! The glitter is a nice touch to finish it off.