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Sunday, November 29, 2015

It's where I'm at

Yep,  I thought I would be almost done by today,  but no I am not.    I just can't get into the mood until Thanksgiving day is over (not really over ,  we are thankful here everyday).
I am slower and slower every year,  so much stuff to go through and should really toss a lot of it.
Before I run off to the store to replace bad strings of lights,  a few pics of where I am at this point in the day.

I was planning on replacing this tree for a flocked one but seems like all of these trees come pre lit and I  do not want pre lit .   The lights make the tree way too heavy to lift and I like to place my own lights my own way,  for now anyway.  I may change my mind as I get older and older.

Looks like  a real tree with the needles fallen to the floor.

The limbs are placed any where I I think that it looks o.k.    I am not going by the color coded branches ,  it's about 22 years old so can't make out the color any way.
Genevieve pulled snow mans nose off last year,  will glue it on later.

I am going to hang this above my door out side  I guess I could have gotten the more dimensional looking bells but the colors and brightness on this one I do like and so does the little ones.

Well off for more lights and Happy Sunday