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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Day

Grand children arrive at our  house to open their gifts and have  dinner.    It was to quiet and we looked forward to them arriving.   I like paper torn from the packages scattered on the floor with laughter,  they had fun and made our Christmas Day.

Mom always dresses them so cute

Nope, not gonna get my picture

Nutcracker has lost his head several times and Genevieve loves to pick him up first thing,  I think it's funny

Opa and Genevieve
One of two Santa s that sit on the steps

Moving on

There must be something else I can get into that is off limits

Adalyn picked out for me a pretty Santa ornament and was so happy to give it to me.
She knows I love Santa s and this one has fur,  love it!
She painted the pretty ball above for Opa,
Same ornament but with flash

Genevieve is much more interested in the spinning ornaments on the tree

Miranda's Mom made us this beautiful rug made of knots ,  so soft and will be sitting beside my bed.
So very pretty, I love it.
dining room
My Aunt made these Santa napkin rings many years ago ,  nice to have a something that she crafted and a sweet memory of her.

real birds nest that was given to me by a co worker about 12 years ago, it's sitting on some dried branches I pulled from a bush in the yard.

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Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

Hi Betsy,
What a sweet Christmas you had! Those girls look JUST alike, it's amazing!! Such cuties!
Thanks for sharing your pretty Christmas decorating with us, and your precious family!
Wishing a happy and blessed 2015!

Miranda said...

We had a wonderful time together with you both!! And thank you for a wonderful dinner!