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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lewis Ginter

My husband and I went to see the lights at Lewis Ginter Botanical gardens.  A special treat for members night was that we were able to tour the home of Lewis Ginter.   First pictures are of the gardens at Ginter.
Here is a peacock that is made of nothing but lites.

walking from the home to the garden

Model of Mount Vernon
 There were doll houses on display done by various artist and decorated

Nice tree house with decorated Christmas trees

this house was done with plastic canvas

Every flower ornament on this tree was grown here at Ginter and dried downstairs
daffodils, lambs ear, money plant , and orchids to name a few
very fragile and beautiful

money plant on a ball
you can see the daffodil next to it

another garden view

front porch,  I noticed there was not any greenery around the door this yea

 parlor close up of mantle with candelabra

 I like how the garland drapes to the floor

I looked up as I was moving to the next room and saw this beautiful stained glass
wonder if it is a Tiffany

Every decoration has flowers , butterflies and birds

view looking to the gardens from inside home

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